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Cricket Insight Kookaburra Instinct Review

Posted On April 13, 2015By Cricket InsightIn Reviews

Cricket Kit 2015. The Kookaburra Instinct Review.

Kookaburra this year as stated in the Cadejo review have poured effort and attention to detail into their 2015 line up. So when writing the reviews it’s been easy to find those all important positives. Our personal views don’t come into it… ok, i’m just going to say it I’m not a fan of the colours! Not for the obvious reason that I’m an old fart who is put off by such vibrancy as I locate my tweed jacket and chose the next pair of Nick Knight beige trousers! No,Read More
Cricket Insight Review Kookaburra Cadejo
The legend of the Cadejo is that God created a being to protect his followers, the faithful. The Devil saw this, became enraged and created his own Cadejo to create fear with it’s burning eyes it was out to steal your soul. If this new offering from Kookaburra is to be defined, we’ll place this blade into the devils camp. It truly is a beast with intent. Even before we start and look at the Cadejo in detail Kookaburra earn praise from us. As the bats arrived (We’ll be reviewing allRead More
Kookaburra Kahuna Competition

Posted On February 13, 2015By Cricket InsightIn Kookaburra

Win an Ian Bell signed Kookaburra Kahuna

To mark the start of the 2015 Cricket World cup, Vitas Cricket and Kookaburra are offering you the chance to win this beautiful Kookaburra Kahuna Signed by Englands Ian Bell. Throughout the World Cup we’ll be introducing you to the new stars of the Kookaburra 2015 range, the Instinct, Cadejo and the Verve as well as highlighting the ever present and popular Kahuna. All the Kookaburra bats featured in our World Cup articles are available to buy now at Vitas Cricket.           To WIN* this bat weRead More
Cricket Insight Article 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup

Posted On February 11, 2015By Cricket InsightIn Front Page News

Our 2015 World Cup Lesser Known XI

With the 2015 ODI World Cup looming, fans will be eagerly anticipating seeing the major stars of the world locking horns for the ultimate prize. Steyn versus Gayle, Johnson against Bell, Matthews up first against McCullum, the list goes on. What you won’t hear so much about is the expendables, the lesser-known players who’ll make up the squads for the bigger nations and potentially be the star men for the smaller nations. Here we’ve decided to look at a Lesser Known Eleven that might just do the business down under. UpRead More
Glenn Maxwell

Posted On February 5, 2015By Cricket InsightIn Front Page News

The Glenn Maxwell Dilemma.

Is scoring 45 runs off just 13 balls better than scoring 25 runs off 35 balls to win a match, it’s certainly more memorable.   The problem players like Glenn Maxwell, Chris Gayle and many others face these days is quite simply, the audience expects greatness and quickly, as in now, right now.   We ask the question, have these players made a rod for their own backs? All professional cricketers are under pressure, no doubt, but those with that ‘X-Factor’ are under that bit more, it’s inevitable. Chris GayleRead More
Cricket Insight Article

Posted On November 21, 2014By Cricket InsightIn Behind the bench

Behind the Bench with Julian Millichamp

A master. Julian Millichamp is one of a handful of podshavers that have a genuine right to that title and to be classified as such. A founder of Tauntons famous Millichamp and Hall, he went on to etch Pumas name into the cricket world journals. Players none more famous than Adam Gilchrist used his bats to destroy bowling attacks with confidence and ease before Julian set up Screaming Cat Cricket in Australia and soon shot to the top of the wanted list of cricket bat aficionados the world over.  Podshaving is an art-form and Julian MillichampRead More
Behind the bench with Podshaver Paul Aldred.

Posted On November 19, 2014By Cricket InsightIn Behind the bench

Behind the Bench with Paul Aldred.

In the first of a series we look at the men and woman behind the benches of batmakers large and small. Over the course of however many months or years we’ll introduce you to the people that play their trade with a drawknife in hand and focus on those capable of making a cricket bat entirely by hand, keeping the tradition of pod shaving alive. In this first episode we head to Derbyshire to visit former first class cricketer Paul Aldred. Paul now spends his time still heavily involved in theRead More
Cricket Insight Article

Posted On October 23, 2014By Cricket InsightIn Most Wanted Reviews

The Hell4Leather Devil. Our opinion & review.

Bargains often come in the shape of items no longer wanted or that a company looking to cut their losses on stock that simply did not sell as expected. But every once in a while you get something genuine, something worthy of comment and it leaves you asking why it’s priced as it is?. The offering of the “Devil” bat from Kent based Cricket Bat manufacturer is just that.. a bargain. A bat that cannot be described as cheap as that would do a disservice to the pod shaver that hasRead More
Orthosole Test and Review Cricket Insight
There were times I felt my lower back waging war on the rest of my body. It wants me on my hands and knees then to curl up and forget about bowling, to forget about standing and just surrender. I need support, reinforcements in the shape of painkillers, anything to endure the final overs of the game. Like many over the course of a cricket season we mask our niggles, “man up” when necessary and try to ignore the pain caused, all the way from the head to the toes. Headaches form,Read More
So your child has asked about playing cricket, and it’s now down to you as a responsible parent, to find a cricket club that suits you both. So where do you go? What do you need to look for? First of all you want to look for a club that offers a convenient location, good facilities and proven coaching that will help see your child’s progress, from kwik cricket through juniors and into adults. The facilities of the club are important. They don’t have to be state of the art, with bowlingRead More
Vitas Review the Spartan MSD-7 Fighter
Over the season along with Vitas Cricket in Peterborough we’ll be bringing you “Crickets Most Wanted”. Everything from bats to the latest shoes and soft goods. We’re kicking things off with a budget friendly offering from one of the coolest and important labels in cricket right now. The Spartan MSD-7 “Fighter” As with all our most wanted, we’ll have a look at what the company say and then offer up our opinion. What Spartan Say. THE MSD 7 BRAND, IN CONJUNCTION WITH SPARTAN, AIMS TO CAPTURE MS DHONI’S STYLE AND ABILITY THATRead More

Posted On May 27, 2014By Cricket InsightIn Front Page News, General News

The Forgotten Men of English Cricket

The Forgotten Men of English Cricket By Jack Vittles With all the talk of a new era of English cricket after the debacle that was last winter, it is easy to forget the number of player’s that England have let slip through their fingers. England have not coaxed the best out of a number of players for a variety of reasons over the past five years. While the side has been successful pre-Ashes it has been easy to sweep this mis-management under the carpet, however with the 5-0 drubbing DownRead More