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An update to Hammer, one of the USA’s only cricket brands

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If you ever searched Cricket Bats on YouTube, you’d have come across the bat reviewing superstar Jason Mellet. Jason last year set up Hammer Cricket Bats to supplement his Cricket Store Online and by offering the Hammer range he’s able to bring to market a range of shapes made by some of the top UK and NZ batmakers at reasonablish prices.

For 2013 Hammer have called upon one of the top designers in the business to re-brand their bats and the result is a striking set of decals. The branding is a huge improvement on the 2012 branding, and although we think the back stickers could do with a little more work it’s a step in the right direction for one of USA’s only cricket brands.

What do you think of the 2013 line-up?


16 Responses

  1. Good tekkers to be fair. I personally dislike the stickers on the back though

  2. Hmm I want one…

  3. Branding is leaps and bounds better than last year. Have to agree about the rear of the bat but from the front it’s a big thumbs up from me!

  4. thanks guys for the positive feedback..we knew going into this not everyone would love the decals….but i know overall these decals are eye catching and hope they will go down well worldwide..

  5. not bad like the front stickers the backs not to my taste but big thumbs up for being creative, maybe in next years stickers add swords on the back of the edges like gray nicolls or puma do in their ‘power zone’ areas (for lack of a better term) maybe add colour coordinating grips but thats just me, other than that it looks really professional cetainly looks better than most mainstream bat stickers

  6. Those stickers are brilliant, who designed them?

  7. Look up @marcusm77 on twitter , he designed them for me. He is a real pro and extremely easy to work with.

    I understand the stickers are not for everyone, but I absolutely love them and they really do catch the eye for sure…

  8. Could you tell us when your 2013 range will be out and the sort of prices we can expect to pay?

  9. Hammer cricket, but the bloke on the front has a sword?
    I like ‘em, like SAFbats on a Stag Party in Oslo…

  10. will be a week or two on the new bats…have a few 2012 ones to get out the door first…the prices will be exactly the same as current prices…no change..

    @bob…yes the sword is like the sword you carry into battle every time you play cricket…there is a ” hammer ” in the new design which you can see on the back decals.. also hammer is my nick name and where the brand name comes from..the nordic theme is from my family heritage..

  11. hey jason well done with the bats i am going to buy one my self but a quick question what do you recon would be good for dubai an are they ready to play out the box

  12. Is it true that there are other US brands? such as Vindico, PRO T-20?

  13. @sam, my new bat for 2013 ( the vapen ) and the Hel 156 are both ready to play out the box..

    the beserker RS and the Beserker ST has the option for you to knock them or or let me do them for you..thanks.

  14. I liqke these new stickers but i LOVED the old ones

  15. thanks john…maybe i will get Marcus to spif up the old ones and do a throwback version one day..

  16. Hammer has just launched the new platinum bats range…get your favorite bats..Beserker RS, Beserker ST, Hel 156 or Vapen with the new limited edition white / black platinum stickers…only 50 will be produced for 2013 season

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