Chase Cricket Bats 2013

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Chase Cricket 2013 Equipment

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Chase were our show favourite at last years show, as they jazzed up their range with a classier stickers and some very well made pads and gloves. And for 2013, they’ve built on this and still remain as one of the show favourites. The main addition for 2013 was the Chase FLC, a range which incorporates the four leaf clover into some very stylish and classy branding.

The FLC bat was probably our favourite bat on show, along with the Newbery GT, the stickers have a great wow factor and look amazing in white. Chase also offer a free 1 year refurbishment on this bat, whereby they collect your bat and return it to you looking as good as new – complete with new stickers! A great concept, and an example of some of the customer service displayed by some of the smaller, British batmakers. The all new FLC pads and gloves tied in very well with the bat in their white and silver styling.

Like a number of brands on show Chase were keen to play to their strengths as a British manufacturer. Their very well made display incorporated clefts, handles and part finished bats to give retailers an idea of what Chase are about. We can’t sing their praises too much, without it sounding like an advert – but this was yet another great show from the Hampshire boys.

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  1. Im lucky enough to live 10 mins away from the factory

  2. Thanks for sharing that with us, returning to the real world… Is Robin Smith still anything to do with Chase ?

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