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Reviewing 010 GEAR. Compression with compassion…

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Compression wear in no longer a changing room chortle, the days of adding more neoprene products to an ailing body are either gone or masked by the layering of compression wear.


Whilst 2 major companies seem to have captured the market share, that same rapid expansion of a “premium price” product has allowed others to take advantage of a lower price point entry but fewer still when evolving on a sound principle. Until now.

010 GEAR, started by Ex New Zealand fast bowler Iain O’Brien after finding the existing products were not to his liking. So what do you… research, plan and develop your own. And judging from his blogs it’s been a long road after initially penning the idea back in 2008 whilst on tour in Bangladesh.


The pants

010 GEAR have come to market with pants,  with long pants and compression tops are not to far away… but it’s their quirkiness (stemming from the owner if you have ever followed Iain O’Brien on twitter) and strap-line that caught our attention. Compression and Comfort… for you and your manatomy.

For those of you that have worn compression pants will know their are a few gripes to be had. The benefits are always well documented but they never say that by the 4th over of bowling you’ll be needing a full frontal rearrangement and a hoist to pull them back up after they work down your buttocks or bunch in the gusset.


A simple observation and the desire to rectify such flaws has been made, albeit from a selfishly male perspective. The 010 GEAR pants have added material and incorporated an ergonomic “pouch” for the male anatomy… which whilst writing this i will confess is comfortable…very comfortable.


To test these pants I thought that bowling/batting in an hour long net session vs a more common yellow threaded but popular manufacturer would be applicable, but I’ll confess after bowling in the rivals (yellow thread)and having to hitch them back up every 4th delivery i was becoming keen to try the new purple label. What you feel from the outset is everything you are told when looking to buy… compression and comfort. They are very well constructed (British Made I might add “ED”) to the same standard as the rival pair and slide on with a reassuring hug to the thighs and buttocks. But then it hits you… real comfort. Yes, i do personally feel a wider waistband would  be a good thing. But no longer am i having to stop, rearrange the “frontage”. The test in those conditions was a one sided win… the compression values of both are fairly equal, but it’s the compassion for the male anatomy that has won the day. The fact a cricket box sits inside this area without assistance is also a plus for the 010 pants.


The run down

So comfortable are they that I have worn them for a day with no issues. It maybe a simple advancement but an advancement none the less and one that rectified an issue a lot of us had and only one self motivated person addressed.

We rate the reasonable priced 010 GEAR pants highly and it would be a perfect score if it weren’t for the narrow waistband that these shorts all suffer from. But for a first outing and a company keen to point out that “everything has its place” they maybe right as they have found theirs in this competitive but one sided arena.

Cricket Insight score the 010 GEAR pants 8.5 out of 10.

Price £25 / Delivery UK £1.50 / International £5.00

Available from www.010gear.com

Twitter https://twitter.com/010Gear

Facebook http://www.facebook.com/010Gear 

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  1. Looking good, gonna grab myself a pair now

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